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Influence of core content and friction ratio on properties of DREF-3 polyester yarnsTyagi, G K; Kaushik, R C D; Dhamija, S; Biswas, B; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]183-187
Studies on water vapour transfer through nylon and cotton fabricsSaxena, R KIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]188-192
Studies on combined flame-retardant and water-repellent treatments on cotton drill fabricShekar, R Indu; Yadav, Ashok; Kasturiya, Nishkam; Raj, HansIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]197-207
A simple device to measure the electric charges accumulating on textile fabricsParachuru, LavanyaIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]208-211
Theoretical studies on shuttle checking: Part II—Shuttle checking by swellHari, P K; Gupta, K N; Behera, B K; Joshi, S GIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]212-218
Theoretical studies on shuttle checking: Part III—Shuttle checking by picker/picking stickHari, P K; Gupta, K N; Behera, B K; Joshi, S GIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]219-222
Biopolishing of different varieties of tasar silkGulrajani, M L; Agarwal, Shalini; Agarwal, RituIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]226-228
Studies on dyeing with natural dyes: Part II— Dyeing of berberine on acrylic fibreGulrajani, M L; Gupta, Deepti; Maulik, S RIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]223-225
Synthesis of disperse dyes based on 5-hydroxyquinolino-[2,1-b ]-quinazolin-12(H)one system and their dyeing performance on polyester fibreMehta, H T; Mehta, A GIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]229-231
Some studies on fibrillation of drawn tapes made from high-density polyethylene blended with small amounts of linear low-density polyethyleneRana, S KIJFTR Vol.24(3) [September 1999]145-148