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Title: Mössbauer study on the effect of nano-sized titanium substitution in Mn Zn ferrite
Authors: Kumar, V Anup
Nair, N Vasudevan
Keywords: Mössbauer study;Nano-sized titanium;Mn Zn ferrite
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Manganese zinc ferrites with nano-sized titanium of composition Mn₀․₈Zn₀․₂TixFe ⁽²⁻x⁾O4 for x = 0 to 0.2 were synthesized by solid state reaction method. Nanosized titanium was prepared by tartarate gel method. Mössbauer spectra of these samples were taken at room temperature using Co⁵⁷ source. From the Mössbauer spectra, the internal magnetic field, isomer shift, quadrupole splitting, recoilless fraction and the Debye temperature of these samples were calculated for the iron nucleus at the two non-equivalent sites. It is observed that addition of titanium decreases the internal magnetic field and also produces changes in the isomer shift of both the sites. The electric quadrupole splitting and recoilless fraction decrease with the increase in titanium concentration. These observed phenomena are interpreted on the basis of super exchange interaction and the reaction between Fe²⁺ and Ti⁴⁺.
Page(s): 423-426
ISSN: 0019-5596
Appears in Collections:IJPAP Vol.46(06) [June 2008]

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