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A new algorithm of cotton fibre selection and laydown using TOPSIS method of multi-criteria decision makingMajumdar, Abhijit; Sarkar, Bijan; Majumdar, Prabal KumarIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]248-255
Effects of picking periods and average mass of seed on fibre properties of MCU-5 cottonSelvan, M Tamil; Raghunathan, KIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]346-352
An investigation on the physical properties of core yarnsViswarajasekaran, V; Raghunathan, KIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]298-301
Fibre migration in compact-spun yarns: Part I—Pneumatic compact yarnGanesan, S; Ramakrishnan, GIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]381-386
Tensile properties of various cotton and Dyneema® blend yarnsKimmel, L B; Sawhney, A P S; Delhom, C DIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]376-380
Application of flame retardant products to knitted fabricOzcan, G; Dayioglu, H; Candan, CIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]330-334
Structural and functional characteristics of yarns manufactured by different pneumatic spinning systemsRiva, A; Coll, L; Kasem, MIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]387-393
Effects of twisting methods on the plied yarn propertiesOzdemir, O; Sardag, S; Kalaoglu, FIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]394-400
Effect of polyethylene glycol on physical properties of durable press finished cotton fabricAfshari, Mehdi; Tavakoli, Mitra; Norouzifar, Maryam; Masoumi, ZohrehIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]470-473
Studies on pigment dyeing of cotton by exhaust methodPatra, A K; Bhaumik, S; Kaur, HarmandeepIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]450-459