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Computer prediction of the performance of a solar powered solid adsorption refrigerator in some Nigerian citiesAnyanwu, E E; Ogueke, N VIJEMS Vol.08(5) [October 2001]261-270
Preparation of CdIn2S4 thin films by chemical methodPathan, H M; Sankapal, B R; Lokhande, C DIJEMS Vol.08(5) [October 2001]271-274
Synthesis and characterization of IPP-g-glycidylmethacrylate copolymerBrahmbhatt, Ragesh B; Patel, Alpesh C; Devi, SurekhaIJEMS Vol.08(5) [October 2001]297-302
Hydration of C4AF in the presence of artificial CaSO4 and limeEl-Alfi, S; Abd-Aleem, S; El-Didamony, HIJEMS Vol.08(5) [October 2001]292-296
Structural and dielectric properties of KTiOPO4 ceramicChoudhary, S N; Prasad, K; Choudhary, R N PIJEMS Vol.08(5) [October 2001]289-291
Turbulence measurements in three-dimensional wall jets on convex cylindrical surfacesGowda, B H Lakshmana; Durbha, V S BIJEMS Vol.08(6) [December 2001]313-317
Effect of frequency and stress ratio on fatigue crack propagation of glass phenolic compositeSingh, Nirbhay; Khelawan, RamIJEMS Vol.08(5) [October 2001]285-288
Low temperature synthesis of MoO3 through the use of NH2OH.HC1 as reducing agentMallikarjuna, N N; Venkataraman, AIJEMS Vol.08(5) [October 2001]303-306
Casting and characterisation of Al-1.2Si-Sn alloysPathak, J P; Panigrahi, P; Ghose, A KIJEMS Vol.08(6) [December 2001]357-365
Spectroscopic studies on curing of novolac epoxy resin—Polyamide and polyamine hardener systems in presence of a polysulphideMakashir, P S; Agawane, NT; Mahajan, R R; Agrawal, J PIJEMS Vol.08(6) [December 2001]381-385