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Convection in differentially heated superposed air-water layersPunjabi, Sunil; Sethia, Anamika; Muralidhar, KIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]455-463
Dynamic behaviour of indirect coupled heat exchanger systemsRao, N M; Maiti, B; Das, P KIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]414-418
A combined numerical-experimental study of convection in an axisymmetric differentially heated fluid layerSrivastava, Atul; Panigrahi, P KIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]448-454
Effect of inlet swirl and dump-gap on the wall pressure distribution of a model can-combustorRahim, Abdur; Veeravalli, S V; Singh, S NIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]472-479
Flow distribution in spherical header of a liquid metal-cooled fast breeder reactorNatesan, K; Velusamy, K; Selvaraj, P; Chellapandi, PIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]432-439
Experimental investigation of tip clearance effects on flow field in an annular turbine rotor cascadeBabu, C Venkateswara; Sitaram, N; Govardhan, MIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]424-431
Effects of particle size and size distribution on estimating erosion wear of cast iron in sand-water slurriesGandhi, B K; Borse, S VIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]480-486
Distortion of guide vane assembly in a bulb turbine due to cavitation and reverse water flowRudramoorthy, R; Kuppuswamy, N; Rajenthirakumar, D; Manikandan, K VIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]419-423
Simulation of small disturbance waves over alternate rigid and compliant panelsSen, P K; Hegde, S; Carpenter, P WIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]409-413
Design and development of water hydraulic pressure compensated flow control valvePandharikar, Saurabh; Khuperkar, Abhijit; Soni, N L; Agrawal, R GIJEMS Vol.09(6) [December 2002]440-447