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Title: Study of electron paramagnetic resonance in vanadyl doped tungsten lithium borate glasses
Authors: Anshu
Rani, S
Agarwal, A
Sanghi, S
Kishore, N
Seth, V P
Keywords: Glasses;Borate glasses;Electron paramagnetic resonance;Vanadyl ion
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Glasses with composition xWO₃.(30-x)Li₂O.70B₂O₃ containing 2 mol % V₂O₅ have been prepared over the range 0≤ x≤ 15 (x is in mol % and in steps of 2.5). The electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectra of VO²⁺ in these glasses have been recorded on X-band (v ≈ 9.14 GHz) at room temperature (RT). The spin Hamiltonian parameters, dipolar hyperfine coupling parameter, P and Fermi contact interaction parameter, K, have been calculated. It has been found that V⁴⁺ ions in these glasses exist as VO²⁺ in octahedral coordination with a tetragonal distortion. Results suggest that the tetragonality of the V⁴⁺O₆ complex changes with change in WO₃:Li₂O ratio. Values of theoretical optical basicity have also been calculated.
Page(s): 382-384
ISSN: 0019-5596
Appears in Collections:IJPAP Vol.46(06) [June 2008]

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