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Title: Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of adsorption of berberine on silk
Authors: Ke, Gui-zhen
Xu, Wei-lin
Yu, Wei-dong
Keywords: Berberine;Dyeing;Kinetic study;Silk
Issue Date: Jun-2008
IPC Code: Int. Cl.⁸ D01C
Abstract: Dyeing properties of silk fabric with berberine have been studied in terms of the thermodynamic and kinetic factors, including standard affinity, enthalpy change, entropy change, dyeing rate, diffusion coefficient and activation energy of the diffusion. The results show that the adsorption isotherm of berberine on silk fabric belongs to Langmuir type. The analysis of dyeing thermodynamics shows that the adsorption of berberine on silk fabric is an exothermic process. When the fabric is dyed at higher temperature, the lower affinity and less dye uptake are obtained; however, the higher temperature increases the initial dyeing rate and diffusion coefficient.
Page(s): 185-188
ISSN: 0971-0426
Appears in Collections:IJFTR Vol.33(2) [June 2008]

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