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Title: Template synthesis and characterisation of a copper(II) complex of a half-cyclised tetraaza ligand derived from 1,8-diaminonaphthalene, nitroethane and formaldehyde
Authors: Lewis, Nita A
Ray, Swati
Patra, Goutam K
Datta, Dipankar
Issue Date: Oct-1999
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Reaction of Cu(BF4)2.xH2O with 1,8-diaminonaphthalene, nitroethane and formaldehyde in ethanol in the presence of triethylamine yields an air sensitive copper(II) complex of 1,3-bis (8-aminonaphthyl-1-amino)- 2-methyl-2-nitropropane (L) as Cu(L)-(BF4)2.C2H5OH, 1. Molecular mechanics calculations coupled with the solution conductivity data indicate a distorted square pyramidal N4F coordination sphere for the copper atom in 1 with the fluorine atom occupying the apical position and the metal atom lifted a bit from the N4 plane. This is supported by the rhombic EPR spectra of  1(g3= 2.389, g2 = 2.069 and g1 = 2.023 ; A3 = 137.9 × 10-4 cm-1 , A2 = 18.1 x 10-4 cm-1 and A1 = 17.7 x 10.4 cm-1). The complex 1 undergoes a somewhat irreversible two-electron ligand oxidation at 0.36 V vs SCE in dimethylformanide. The cyclic counterpart of  1 is not at all formed in the synthetic scheme adopted here.
Page(s): 991-996
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.38A(10) [October 1999]

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