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Title: Ligand control on the reactions of transition metal complexes with sulphur(IV): Kinetics of ligand substitution and electron transfer reactions of (iminodiacetato )iron(III) with sulphur(IV) in aqueous medium
Authors: Dash, Anadi C
Jena, Kishore C
Das, Arabinda
Issue Date: Jul-1999
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: The rapid scan and stopped flow spectrophotometric measurements show that the reaction of [Fe(ida)(OH2) 3]+ (ida = iminodiacetate) with SIV (4.70 ≤ pH ≤  5.90, 0.02  ≤ [SIV] (mol dm-3]) ≤ 0.07, 10.0 ≤ t(°C)  ≤  25.0, I= 0.5 mol dm-3]) results in the formation of  [Fe(ida)(OH2) 2 (SO3) and [Fe(ida)(OH2)(SO3)2] 3-. The formation of the disulphito complex from the monosulphito species display approach to equilibrium kinetics. Both HSO3- and SO32- are the reactive species and in the complexes, SIV is believed to be S-bonded to FeIII. The monosulphito complex does not undergo redox reaction under the experimental conditions. The internal redox of the disulphito complex also displays biphasic kinetics due to the different reactivities of the two isomeric forms (cis- and trans-disulphito complexes) originating from the monosulphito complex , and is H+-catalysed . SO42- and S2O62- are the oxidation  products of sulphur(IV).
Page(s): 670-679
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.38A(07) [July 1999]

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