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Title: Silyl-nitrogen compounds1 : Part IX - Reactions of pentasila-phosphapentazene with group VI and VII compounds
Authors: Vasisht, S.K.
Bandhu, Kavita
Issue Date: May-1999
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Pentakis(trimethylsilyl )-3-phospha-2-pentazene (Me3Si)2N-N(SiMe3)- P=N-N(SiMe3)2 (1) reacts with sulphur as well as DMSO to form [2+1]-cycloadducts. 3-tris(trimethylsilyl)hydrazino-2- bis( trimethylsilyl)-amino-l-thia-2-amino-3- phosphacyclopropane and 1, 1 -dimethyl- 3-tris( trimethylsilyl)- hydrazino-3- bis(trimethylsilyl)hydrazono- l-thia-2-oxa-3- phosphacyclopropane, respectively. Thionyl chloride and chlorine provide the oxidative addition product . [tri (trimethylsilyl) hydrazino] -[bis trimethylsilyl) hydrazono] (dichloro)-phosphorane . Bromine and iodine undergo insertion reaction to form a P(III ) derivative. [tris (trimethylsilyl ) hydrazino] [bis(trimethylsilyl ) (bromo/ -iodo)hydrazino] (bromo/iodo) phosphine.
Page(s): 423-426
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]

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