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Title: Synthetic, spectroscopic and structural studies on 4-aminobenzoate complexes of divalent alkaline earth metals: X-ray crystal structures of [{Mg(H2O)6} (4-aba)2] ●2H2O and [Ca(H2O)2( 4-aba)2] (4-aba=4-aminobenzoate)
Authors: Murugavel, Ramaswamy
Karambelkar, Vivek V
Anantharaman, Ganapathi
Issue Date: Aug-2000
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Reactions between MCl2nH2O (M = Mg, Ca, Sr, and Ba) and 4-aminobenzoic acid (4-abaH) result in the formation of complexes [(Mg(H2O)6}(4-aba)2) ●2 H2O (1), [Ca(4-aba)2(H2O)2] (2), [Sr(4-aba)2(H2O)2] (3), and [8a(4-aba)2CI] (4), respectively. The new compounds 1 and 2, as well as the previously reported 3 and 4 form an extended intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonded network in the solid-state. The compounds have been characterized by elemental analysis, pH measurements, thermogravimetric studies, and IR, NMR, and UV -Vis spectroscopy. The solid state structures of the molecules 1 and 2 have been determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction studies. In the case of magnesium complex 1, the dipositively charged Mg cation is surrounded by six water molecules and the two 4-aminobenzoate ligands show no direct bonding to the metal ion. The calcium ion in 2 is octa-coordinated with direct coordination of the 4-aminobenzoate ligands to the metal ion. The Ca●●●Ca separation in the polymeric chain of 2 is 3.9047(5) Å.
Page(s): 843-850
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]

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