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dc.description.abstractSerum vitamins E, A, lipid peroxides, prevalence of dislipidemia, hypertension, obesity and smoking habits were assessed in a volunteer sample of 310 (I75 males + 135 females) Kurichias, a tribal population of Kerala, India, who are enjoying longevity relatively free from age associated chronic problems. The mean serum levels of vitamins E and A were higher and lipid peroxides were lower with comparable ages of Indian and Western studies. The prevalence (age standardized to the world population of Segi 95% CI) was obesity 2.87 (1.22-4.53), central obesity 3.71 (2.27-5.15), hypertension 2.70 (1.92-3 .48), hypercholesterolemia 0.71 (0.66-0.76), hypertriglyceridemia 2.60 (1.18-4.02) and low high density lipoprotein cholesterol 1.24 (1.07-1.42). Significant negative correlation was observed between vitamins and lipid peroxides. Serum cholesterol and triglycerides showed significant positive correlation with antioxidant vitamins and lipid peroxides. Blood pressure found positive correlation with lipid peroxides and no correlation with vitamins except systolic blood pressure having negative relation with vitamin A. Age showed negative correlation with vitamins and positive correlation with lipid peroxides, whereas lipid peroxides showed positive correlation with obesity only. In multivariate regression analysis serum cholesterol and old age groups were significant predictors of serum antioxidant vitamins and lipid peroxides. The higher levels of antioxidant vitamins, lower levels of lipid peroxides as well as low prevalence of CHD risk factors in Kurichias when compared to other populations suggest that antioxidants or increased intake of foods rich in antioxidants playa key role in their health and longevity.en_US
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dc.sourceIJBB Vol.36(1) [February 1999]en_US
dc.titleSerum vitamins E, A and lipid peroxidation levels in Kurichias, an Indian tribal populationen_US
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