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Oxidation of nitrous acid by tris( diimine) iron (III) complexesAyoko, G. Adefikayo; Iyun, J. Femi; Faruk, Yusuf U.IJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]458-461
Effect of steric crowding : Synthesis, spectral characterization and redox studies of isomers of ruthenium(II) N(1)-ethyl-2-(arylazo)- imidazolesMisra, Tarun Kumar; Das, Debasis; Sinha, ChittaranjanIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]416-422
Acid-base equilibrium of neutral red in benzene-in-water microemulsionsPaul, B.C.; Ismail, K.IJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]496-500
Synthesis, structure and separation of a new chiral metal cluster (μ3-S)FeCoMo(CO)8 {C5H4C(O)C6H4C(O)OCH3-4} on an amylopectin tris-(phenylcarbamate) chiral column by HPLCZhou, Zhigiang; Ding, Errun; Hou, Jingguo; Chen, LirenIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]411-415
Dioxo derivatives of benzenoid hydrocarbons: Part IV - Dioxo-bisanthrenesGutman, Ivan; Markovic, ZoranIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]407-410
Sugar vanadates: Synthesis and characterization of a mannopyranoside ester incorporating VO3+Rajak, Kajal Krishna; Rath, Sankar Prasad; Mondal, Sujit; Chakravorty, AnimeshIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]405-406
Kinetic and mechanistic studies on the interaction of thiosemicarbazide with cis - diaquaethylenediamine platinum (II) ionGhosh, Shyamal; Sengupta, Partha Sarathi; De, Gauri SankarIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]453-457
Electrocatalytic properties of spinel type NixFe3-xO4 synthesized at low temperature for oxygen evolution in KOH solutionsSingh, N K; Singh, R NIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]491-495
Kinetics and mechanism of the vapour phase ammoximation of cyclohexanone by nitric oxide and ammonia over Al2O3.SiO2 catalystPrasad, R; Vashisht, SeemaIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]446-452
Extraction of iron(III) from nitrate media with bis (2-ethylhexyl) phosphinic acidNaik, M T; Dhadke, PMIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]518-520
Preparation and chronopotentiometric characterization of platinum deposited anionic membranesShahi, V K; Ray, P; Dave, N J; Ramachandraiah, G; Rangarajan, RIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]486-490
Solvation of copper (I) perchlorate in benzonitrile + pyridine mixtures investigated by conductance studiesGill, Dip Singh; Singh, ParvinderIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]478-481
Hydrogenation of some allylic alcohols catalysed by anchored montmorillonitebipyridinepalladium(II) acetate - A kinetic studyRamesh, B; Sadanand, D Thomas; Swamy, K Venkata; Saiprakash, P KIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]462-467
Effect of solvent on the reactions of coordination complexes: Part 25 - Kinetics of base hydrolysis of some (aminomonocarboxylato) (tetraethylenepentamine )cobalt(III) complexes in propan-2-ol + water, t-butanol + water, ethylene glycol + water & 2-methoxyethanol + water media: Delineation of preferential solvation & solvent structure on reactivityDash, Anadi C.; Das, SmrutipravaIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]434-445
Estimation of Cr (III), Cr(VI) and organically bound Cr (III) species using ion exchangers & 51Cr radiotracerSrivastava, Sonal; Prakash, Satya; Srivastava, M MIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]514-517
Synthesis, magnetic and spectral studies of Co(II) picrate complexes with heterocyclic nitrogen donorsMaurya, R C; Sharma, PIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]509-513
Manganese(III) complexes with hexadentate schiff-bases derived from heterocyclic β-diketones and triethylene tetraminePatel, Ismail A; Thaker, Bharat TIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]427-433
Template synthesis and spectral speciation of nickel(II)macrocyclic complexes derived from 4-methyl-2,6-di(formyl/benzoyl) phenol and diaminesGupta, Sushil K; Jain, Kalpana; Kushwah, Yogendra SIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]506-508
Ultrasonic speeds and excess isentropic compressibilities of mixtures containing nitrobenzeneKalra, K C; Sharma, V K; Katoch, AIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]482-485
Synthesis of ultra-fine TiO2 powders by controlled hydrolysis of titanium tetrabutoxidePotdar, H.S.; Deshpande, S.B.; Mayadevi, S.; Joy, P.A.; Date, S.K.IJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]468-472
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23