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MCSCF calculations on metal ion (Li+, Na+, Be2+) affinities of a few carbonyl molecules in the ground and 1,3* excited statesAdhikari, D Dey; Thakuria, T; Medhi, CIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]792-801
Parametrization of MMX force field for benzocyclobutenesMarkovic, Zoran; Engelbrecht, Johan PIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]787-791
Correlation of distribution of organic solutes in organic solvent - water systems with molecular properties and solution structure parametersPrezhdo, V V; Melnik, I I; Jagiello, M; Zubkova, V V; Prezhdo, M V; Bezak-Mazur, EIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]802-808
Synthesis and crystal structure of a new Ni(II) complex of 1,5-bis ( N-1-methyl-imidazol-2-methyl)-1,5-diazacyclooctane (L), [NiLCl]+ Fang, Ya-Yin; Shang, Zhi-Liang; Xu, Qiang; Bu, Xian-He; Zhang, Ruo-HuaIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]871-873
Synthesis and characterization of toluene- 3,4-dithiolatoantimony(III) diorganodithiophosphatesChauhan, H P S; Porwal, Beena; Singh, R KIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]880-882
Silyl - nitrogen compounds: Part (XI)Synthesis of silylated metallahydrazinesVasisht, S K; Kaushal, JyotsnaIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]863-866
Vapour phase hydrogenation of phenol to cyclohexanone over titania supported palladium system: A kinetic studyMahata, N; Raghavan, K V; Vishwanathan, VIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]856-858
Synthesis, characterization and antiinflammatory effects of Cr(III), Mn(II), Fe(III) and Zn(II) complexes with diclofenac sodiumSingh, Anuradha; Singh, PramilaIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]874-876
A single step synthesis of some cyanonitrosyl {CrNO}5 complexes of chromium(I) involving multi-functional ligands directly from chromate(VI) in aqueous-aerobic mediumMaurya, R C; Thakur, S K; Batalia, SIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]867-870
Alcoholate derivatives of bimetallic [Sn(IV),Al(III)] -μ-oxoisopropoxy acetate and -μ-oxoisopropoxideDeepali; Bansal, A; Aggarwal, S; Narula, A KIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]883-885