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The role of LFA-1 , Mac-1 , ICAM-1 and Ia in the induction of Th-2 type of immune response in spleen during murine syngeneic pregnancyHegde, Umashashi C; Nainan, RachelIJBB Vol.36(6) [December 1999]405-414
Metal ion specificity in anaesthetic induced increase in the rate of monensin and nigericin mediated H+/ M+ exchange across phospholipid vesicular membranesPrabhananda, B S; Kombrabail, Mamata HIJBB Vol.36(6) [December 1999]415-421
A perspective of biological supramolecular electron transferRamasarma, TIJBB Vol.36(6) [December 1999]379-397
Cloning, expression and purification of the DNA binding domain of RFX proteinPanchal, S C; Madan, Anup; Hosur, R VIJBB Vol.36(6) [December 1999]429-432
Significance of charge on lysine residue of ovine luteinizing hormone on immunological and biological properties of the hormoneSingh, Vinod; Singh, Ranjit C; Dubey, Rajesh KIJBB Vol.36(6) [December 1999]398-404
Immobilization of Amaranthus leaf oxalate oxidase on alkylamine glassPundir, C S; Goyal, L; Thakur, M; Bhargava, A KIJBB Vol.36(6) [December 1999]449-452
Inhibition of thymidylate synthase by pergularinine, tylophorinidine and deoxytubulosineRao, K Narasimha; Bhattacharya, R K; Veankatachalam, S RIJBB Vol.36(6) [December 1999]442-448
Conformations of hydrophobic peptides in trifluoroethanol, water and in solid state: A circular dichroism and Fourier Transform Infrared studyJagannadham, Medicharala V; Krishnamurthy, Akella S R; Husain, Sajid; Nagaraj, RamakrishnanIJBB Vol.36(6) [December 1999]422-428
UDP-galactose 4-epimerase from Kluyveromyces fragilis: Equilibrium unfolding studiesMaity, Nilesh Ranjan; Barat, Bhaswati; Bhattacharyya, DebasishIJBB Vol.36(6) [December 1999]433-441