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Mangrove ecosystems of the Indian Ocean regionKathiresan, K.; Rajendran, N.IJMS Vol.34(1) [March 2005]104-113
Evolution of Iskapalli lagoon in Penner delta region, east coast of India—A sedimentological and palynological approachSeetharamaia, J; Farooqui, Anjum; Suryabhagavan, K V; Rao, K NageswaraIJMS Vol.34(3) [September 2005]267-273
Full-depths zooplankton composition at two deep sites in the western and central Arabian SeaFabian, Heiner; Koppelmann, Rolf; Weikert, HorstIJMS Vol.34(2) [June 2005]174-187
Coastal and marine biodiversity of IndiaVenkataraman, K.; Wafar, MohideenIJMS Vol.34(1) [March 2005]57-75
Coastal biodiversity in the Indian Ocean: The known, the unknownKeesing, John; Irvine, TennilleIJMS Vol.34(1) [March 2005]11-26
Coastal and marine biodiversity of La RéunionBourmaud, C. A. F.; Abouïdane, A.; Boissier, P.; Leclère, L.; Mirault, E.; Pennober, G.IJMS Vol.34(1) [March 2005]98-103
IndOBIS, an Ocean Biogeographic Information System for assessment and conservation of Indian Ocean biodiversityChavan, Vishwas; Achuthankutty, C. T.; Berghe, Edward Vanden; Wafar, MohideenIJMS Vol.34(1) [March 2005]120-127
Deep-sea ecosystems of the Indian OceanIngole, BabanIJMS Vol.34(1) [March 2005]27-34
A semi-analytic seasonal algorithm to retrieve chlorophyll-a concentration in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean from SeaWiFS dataDevred, E.; Fuentes-Yaco, C.; Sathyendranath, S.; Caverhill, C.; Maass, H.; Stuart, V.; Platt, T.; White, G.IJMS Vol.34(4) [December 2005]356-367
Utility of natural generalised inverse technique in the interpretation of dyke structuresRao, M.M.Malleswara; Murty, T.V.Ramana; Rao, P.Rama; Lakshminarayana, S.; Subrahmanyam, A.S.; Murthy, K.S.R.IJMS Vol.34(3) [September 2005]285-298