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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2008A simple and sensitive method for determination of carbon disulphide in environmental and biological samplesTamrakar, Urmila; Gupta, V K; Mathewa, Sunitha B; Pillai, Ajai K
May-2008Trace level extraction and spectrophotometric determination of cyanide in waste water and biological fluidAnsari, Anjum Ansari; Amlathe, Sulbha; Gupta, V K
May-2008A comparative study of catalytic activity of tin phosphate and tin phenyl phosphonateP G, Chithra; B, Beena
May-2008Rapid extraction and separation of indium(III) with a high molecular weight amineShilmkar, T N; Kolekar, S S; Wadgaonkar, P P; Anuse, M A
May-2008An extended salt-effect model for organic solubility of water in a 5-100% tri-n-butyl phosphate/diluent/nitric acid/water biphasic system at 298.15 KKumar, Shekhar; Kumar, Rajnish; Koganti, S B
May-2008Hibiscus cannabinus and Hibiscus sabdariffa as an alternative pulp blend for softwood: Optimization of soda pulping processUpadhyaya, J S; Dutt, Dharm; Singh, Bahadur; Tyagi, C H
May-2008Identification and separation of cationic and non-ionic surfactants by reversed phase thin layer chromatographyMohammad, Ali; Gupta, Rubi
May-2008Recovery of acetic acid by supported liquid membrane using vegetable oils as liquid membraneNarayanan, Janani; Palanivelu, K
May-2008A study on brightening and corrosive resistance property of electrodeposited zinc in non-cyanide alkaline bathMuralidhara, H B; Naik, Y Arthoba; Sachin, H P; Achary, Ganesha; Venkatesha, T V
May-2008Effect of bath composition and operating parameters on deposit character and corrosion behaviour of Zn-Ni alloyVenkatakrishna, K; Tangaraj, V; Hegde, A Chitharanjan
May-2008Clean and efficient synthesis of coumarins over modified metal oxides via Pechmann reactionD’Souza, Joyce; Nagaraju, N
May-2008Synthesis of monoesters and diesters using eco-friendly solid acid catalysts- M(IV) tungstates and phosphatesJoshi, Rikesh; Patel, Heemanshu; Chudasama, Uma
May-2008Some Schiff bases as corrosion inhibitors for zinc in sulphuric acidDesai, M N; Talati, J D; Vyas, C V; Shah, N K
May-2008Study on corrosion control of N80 steel in acid medium using mixedKumar, T; Vishwanatham, S; Emranuzzaman
May-2008Inhibition of mild steel corrosion in acid media by N-benzyl-Nʹ-phenyl thioureaShettya, S Divakara; Shetty, Prakash
May-2008Effect of substrate concentration on the transient dynamics of specific cell growth during bioconversion of Cr⁺⁶ to Cr⁺³ using polyculture consortiaSamanta, K; Chowdhury, R; Bhattacharya, P
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16