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Title: FRAP (Ferric reducing ability of plasma) assay and effect of Diplazium esculentum (Retz) Sw. (a green vegetable of North India) on central nervous system
Authors: Kaushik, Atul
Jijta, Chanderesh
Kaushik, Jeevan J
Zeray, Robel
Ambesajir, Anghesom
Beyene, Lwam
Keywords: Antioxidants;Caffeine;TPTZ;Aqueous extract;Fem;Diplazium esculentum;FRAP
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
IPC Code: Int. cl. (2011.01)-A61K 36/00, A61P 25/00
Abstract: The FRAP assay (Ferric Reducing Ability of Plasma), a simple test to determine the total antioxidant power; has been chosen to assess the free radical scavenging effects of Diplazium esculentum (Retz) Sw. FRAP assay depends upon the ferric tripyridyltriazine [Fe (III)-TPTZ] complex to the ferrous tripyridyltriazine [Fe (II)-TPTZ] by a reductant at low pH. Fe (II)-TPTZ has an intensive blue color and can be monitored at 593 nm. Antioxidant activity of petroleum ether, chloroform, acetone, methanol and aqueous extracts was evaluated. D. esculentum is a well known green leafy vegetable of North Indian food, therefore, stimulant effect of its aqueous extract on central nervous system (CNS) was also determined on mice using the actophotometer. Results suggested that water extract (7.6 mM/dry wt) possesses highest antioxidant activity. CNS stimulant effect of the extract at all doses level is much higher when compared to the control and standard caffeine (a known stimulant). Stimulant effect was significant (P<0.0001 at all doses tested) and this was also found to be dose dependent. Thus it can be concluded that D. esculentum is very rich to scavenge the free radicals and stimulate the CNS system as compared to the standard.
Page(s): 228-231
ISSN: 0976-0512 (Online); 0976-0504 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJNPR Vol.3(2) [June 2012]

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