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Title: Design, development and characterization of tetrode type electron gun system for generation of low energy electrons
Authors: Deore, Avinash V
Patil, B J
V N, Bhoraskar
Dhole, S D
Keywords: Tetrode electron gun;Low energy electrons;Beams current;Irradiation chamber
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: A tetrode type electron gun system for the generation of low energy electrons has been designed, developed and characterized. The electron gun, designed for irradiation experiments, has four electrodes namely, cathode, focusing electrode, control electrode and anode. This electron gun is capable to provide electrons of energy over the range of 1 keV to 20 keV, with current maximum 100 μA. The electron gun and a Faraday cup are mounted in the evacuated cylindrical chamber. The samples are fixed on the Faraday cup mounted at a distance of 200 mm from the anode in the chamber and irradiated with low energy electrons at a pressure around 10-6 mbar. In this electron gun system, at any electron energy over the entire range, the electron beam diameter can be varied from 5 to 120 mm on the Faraday cup. Also, the circular shape of the beam spot was maintained, even though the beam current and beam diameter are varied. The uniformity of the electron beam over the entire beam area was measured with a multi-electrode assembly and found to be 15%. This system is being used for the synthesis and diffusion of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles in polymeric and glass materials.
Page(s): 482-485
ISSN: 0975-1041 (Online); 0019-5596 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJPAP Vol.50(07) [July 2012]

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