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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2012View Point : Is <i>Bt</i>-brinjal ready for future food?—A critical studyBandopadhyay, Rajib; Sinha, Purnima; Chaudhary, Bratati
Apr-2012Micropropagation of <i style="">Sauropus androgynus </i>(L.) Merr.—An important green leafy vegetableEganathan, P; Parida, Ajay
Apr-2012Homology modeling and enzyme function prediction in uncharacterized proteins of <i>Salmonella typhi—</i>An<i> </i><i style="">in silico </i>approachGore, D G; Rathod, M K; Soni, V; Rai, M M
Apr-2012Genetic analysis of MHC Class II <i>DRB</i> gene in an endangered Jamunapari breed of goatsSingh, P K; Singh, S V; Singh, M K; Saxena, V K; Singh, A V; Sohal, J S
Apr-2012Direct organogenesis from leaf explants of <i style="">Garcinia indica</i> Choisy: An important medicinal plantChauhan, Devendra K; Thakur, A K; Dass, A; Lima, J M; Malik, S K
Apr-2012High frequency <i>in vitro</i> shoot regeneration of <i>Clitoria ternatea</i> L. affected by different cultural conditionsIsmail, Najma; Rani, Uzma; Batra, Amla
Apr-2012Organogenesis from the cultures of <i style="">Nothapodytes foetida</i> (Wight) Sleumer raised on TDZ supplemented mediaTejavathi, D H; Raveesha, H R; Shobha, K
Apr-2012<i>In vitro</i> plant regeneration of wintergreen (<i>Gaultheria fragrantissima</i> Wall.): Assessment of multiple nutrient formulations and cytokinin typesRanyaphi, R A; Mao, A A; Borthakur, S K
Apr-2012Bio-delignification ability of locally available edible mushrooms for the biological treatment of crop residuesVijya, Ch; Reddy, R Malikarjuna
Apr-2012Genetic diversity analysis in apricot (<i style="">Prunus armeniaca</i> L.) germplasms using RAPD markersMir, J I; Ahmed, N; Rashid, Rizwan; Wani, Shabir H; Sheikh, M A; Mir, H; Parveen, I; Shah, S
Apr-2012Molecular insights into the phylogenetics of spiny lobsters of Gulf of Mannar marine biosphere reserve<i> </i>based on 28S rDNASuresh, P; Sasireka, G; Karthikeyan, K A M
Apr-2012Detection of genetically modified cotton seeds using PCR and real-time PCRVidhya, S Shree; Gowda, P H Ramanjini; Yogendra, K N; Ningaraju, T M; Salome, T
Apr-2012An innovative method of cellulose acetate membrane based isolation of mitochondria and mtDNA extraction from the liver of <i style="">Duttaphrynus melanostictus </i>(Schneider, 1799)Das, Sanjib Kr; Sengupta, Deepanwita; Ghosh, Debopam; Dutta, Debojyoti
Apr-2012Evaluation of binding interaction of coumarin antifungals to bilipid membrane using Dock scoring function and Levenberg-Marquardt neural networkMousavi, Seyedeh Soghra; Bokharaie, Hanieh; Mirhafez, Seyed Reza; Alavi, Seyed Mostafa; Safari, Hiva; Mirzazadeh, Zahra; Hamidi, Mehrdad
Apr-2012<i style="">In silico</i> 3-D structure prediction of cytochrome b protein of sisorid catfish <i style="">Glyptothorax ngapang</i>Singh, Mahender; Gupta, Ashish; Lakra, W S
Apr-2012<i style="">In silico</i> 3-D structure prediction of H1N1 2009 neuraminidase and comparative analysis of coding statistics of mutated genesSahoo, Bibhuti Bhusan; Sahu, Gopal Krishna
Apr-2012Analysis of chitinase gene specific transcript accumulation in tea [<i style="">Camellia sinensis</i> (L.) O. Kuntze] during induced systemic resistance by methyl jasmonateRoy, S C; Chakraborty, B N
Apr-2012Isolation of lectin gene and development of resistant<i> Nicotiana tabacum </i>L.<i> </i>against <i style="">Spodoptera litura</i>Singh, Rashmi; Tiwari, Ila Mukul; Jagadeesh, H M; Kansal, Rekha; Gupta, R N; Koundal, K R; Saini, Raman
Apr-2012MicroRNA profile in understanding pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosusPradhan, Vandana; Hire, Harshada; Ghosh, K
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19