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Saturated velocity model of MESFET in the presence of interface states and interfacial layer at the gate contactChattopadhyay, P; Dutta, SIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]265-271
Study of photoelectret effect in dysprosium doped zinc oxidePandey, Nitin; Srivastava, Rajneesh Kumar; Prakash, S GIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]260-264
Qualitative analysis of small-signal modified Sziklai pair amplifierPandey, Beena; Srivastava, Susmrita; Tiwari, Satyendra Nath; Singh, Jitendra; Shukla, Sachchida NandIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]272-276
Equation of state and bulk modulus of C60 solidSharma, Uma D; Joshi, Vishalakshi; Kumar, MunishIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]245-247
New intensity formula for ionic spectraThelin, BoIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]231-236
Spectral analysis and structure of Cu2+-doped cadmium bismuth borate glassesPal, Inder; Agarwal, Ashish; Sanghi, SujataIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]237-244
Effect of nanocrystalline silver impregnation on mechanical properties of diamond-like-carbon films by nano-indentationPaul, R; Dey, A; Mukherjee, A K; Sarangi, S N; Pal, A KIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]252-259
Temperature dependence of width and soft mode frequency in sodium potassium tantalate mixed systemUniyal, Manish; Bhatt, S CIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]248-251
Solution of Schrödinger equation with exponential Coshine-screened potentialAwoga, Oladunjoye A; Ikot, Akpan N; Akpan, Ita O; Antia, Akaninyene DIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]217-223
Natural radioactivity levels and associated radiation hazards in Nile river sediments from Aswan to El-Minia, Upper EgyptEl-Taher, A; Abbady, Adel G EIJPAP Vol.50(04) [April 2012]224-230