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Title: A new calcium(II) coordination polymer based on a µ2-bridging tridentate 4-nitrobenzoate
Authors: Srinivasan, Bikshandarkoil R
Shetgaonkar, Santosh Y
Saxena, Manav
Näther, Christian
Keywords: Coordination Chemistry;Calcium;4-Nitrobenzoates;3,5-Dimethylpyrazole;Coordination Polymers;Metal Organic Frameworks
Issue Date: 2-Mar-2012
Abstract: Reaction of a heptacoordinated Ca(II) compound [Ca(H2O)4(4-nba)2] (4-nba = 4-nitrobenzoate) with 3,5-dimethyl-pyrazole (dmp) leads to the formation of an eight coordinated Ca(II) compound, [[Ca(H2O)2(4-nba)2]·2dmp]n, containing two coordinated water molecules, two unique 4-nba ligands and two free dmp molecules in the lattice. The μ2-bridging tridentate binding mode of the unique 4-nba ligands results in the formation of a one-dimensional (1-D) coordination polymer. The title compound exhibits enhanced fluorescence emission. An analysis of the six different bridging binding modes of the 4-nba ligand in twenty two different structurally characterized 4-nitrobenzoate compounds is described.
Page(s): 435-443
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.51A(03) [March 2012]

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