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A class of nonlinear adaptive controller for a continuous anaerobic BioreactorPeña-Caballero, Vicente; López-Pérez, Pablo A; Neria-González, M Isabel; Aguilar-López, RicardoJSIR Vol.71(07) [July 2012]480-486
Performance and exhaust emission analysis on pongamia biodiesel with different open combustion chambers in a DI diesel engineJaichandar, S; Annamalai, KJSIR Vol.71(07) [July 2012]487-491
Wear and thermal conductivity studies on nano copper particle suspended soya bean lubricantKanagasabapathi, N; Balamurugan, K; Mayilsamy, KJSIR Vol.71(07) [July 2012]492-495
Formulation, optimization and evaluation of enteric coated tablets of Para-amino salicylate sodiumVerma, Anurag; Islam, Shakul; Mishra, Arun K.; Pandit, Jayant K.JSIR Vol.71(10) [October 2012]667-677
Batch, repeated batch and continuous degradation of Reactive Black 5 and Reactive Red 120 dye by immobilized bacteriaUsha, M S; Sasirekha, B; Bela, R B; Devi, S; Kamalini, C; Manasa, G A; Neha, P MJSIR Vol.71(07) [July 2012]504-510
Biological treatability processes of textile wastewaters using electrocoagulation and ozonationAvsar, Yasar; Kabuk, H Akif; Kurt, Ugur; Cakmakci, Mehmet; Ozkaya, BestaminJSIR Vol.71(07) [July 2012]496-500
Reduction of COD and chromium, and decolourisation of tannery wastewater by activated carbons from agro-wastesPandharipande, S L; Urunkar, Y D; Singh, AnkitJSIR Vol.71(07) [July 2012]501-503
Optimization of power generation in a dual chambered aerated membrane microbial fuel cell with E. coli as biocatalystMasih, Sam A; Devasahayam, Mercy; Zimik, MasochonJSIR Vol.71(09) [September 2012]621-626
Experimental study of using hybrid vegetable oil blends in diesel enginePrabhakar, S; Annamalai, K; Lalvani, Isaac JoshuaRameshJSIR Vol.71(09) [September 2012]612-615
Sequential cellulase production, saccharification and ethanol fermentation using rice strawPasha, Chand; Sekhar, Banoth Chandra; Srinivas, Banoth; Balakrishna, Kannoju; Hanumalal, NunavathJSIR Vol.71(09) [September 2012]616-620