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Title: Arsenic biosorption by mucilaginous seeds of Hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poit
Authors: Mandal, Santi Mohan
Mondal, Keshab C
Dey, Satyahari
Pati, Bikas Ranjan
Keywords: Arsenic biosorption;Hyptis suaveolens;Mucilaginous seed
Issue Date: Jul-2007
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: C02F3/32
Abstract: Hyptis suaveolens seeds could serve as natural immobilized source of agriculturally based polysaccharide. Maximum adsorption capacity (6 gl⁻¹) of the seeds for arsenic adsorption has been found at pH 3.5 - 4.5. Among the tested interfering common metal ions, Ca⁺⁺, Mg⁺⁺ and Cl⁻ decreased adsorption rate about 48%, 54% and 30% respectively, whereas Zn⁺⁺ and Co⁺⁺ ions have no significant effect. Adsorption isotherm studies revealed a better correlation with Langmuir isotherm plot.
Page(s): 577-581
ISSN: 0022-4456
Appears in Collections:JSIR Vol.66(07) [July 2007]

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