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Title: Synthesis and structural characterization of an open cage dithiatungstaborane [(CpW)<sub>2</sub>B<sub>4</sub>H<sub>4</sub>S<sub>2</sub>] cluster
Authors: Dhayal, Rajendra Singh
Joseph, Ponniah S
Sahoo, Satyanarayan
Ghosh, Sundargopal
Keywords: Coordination Chemistry
Open cage compounds
Metallaheteroborane clusters
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Reaction of Cp<sup>#</sup>MCl<sub>4</sub>, (<b>1</b> or <b>2</b>) [(<b style="">1</b>): M = Mo, Cp<sup># </sup>= Cp* (Cp* = <img src='/image/spc_char/Etta.gif' border=0> <sup>5</sup>-C<sub>5</sub>Me<sub>5</sub>) and (<b style="">2</b>): M = W, Cp<sup># </sup>= Cp (Cp = <img src='/image/spc_char/Etta.gif' border=0><sup>5</sup>-C<sub>5</sub>H<sub>5</sub>)] with excess of [LiBH<sub>4</sub>.thf] followed by thermolysis with excess of [HS(CH<sub>2</sub>)<sub>n</sub>SH] (n = 2 or 3), leads to the formation of<b style=""> </b>[(Cp*Mo)<sub>2</sub>B<sub>4</sub>H<sub>4</sub>S<sub>2</sub>] (<b style="">3</b>) or [(CpW)<sub>2</sub>B<sub>4</sub>H<sub>4</sub>S<sub>2</sub>] (<b style="">4</b>) respectively. Corresponding to (<b>3</b>) and (<b>4</b>), the compounds [(M)<sub>2</sub>B<sub>5</sub>H<sub>9</sub>] (M = CpW, (<b style="">5</b>) or Cp*Mo, (<b style="">6</b>)) are isolated as major product in both the cases. These new compounds have been characterized in solution by mass, <sup>1</sup>H, <sup>11</sup>B, <sup>13</sup>C NMR spectroscopy. The structural types have been unequivocally established by X-ray crystallographic analysis of compounds (<b style="">4</b>).
Description: 1363-1368
ISSN: 0975-0975(Online); 0376-4710(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.50A(09-10) [September-October 2011]

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