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Title: Biological activity of Seaweed extracts from <i style="">Cladophora clavuligera</i> (Kutzing, 1843) and <i>Sargassum wightii</i> (Greville, 1995)<i> </i>against marine fouling bacteria
Authors: Bragadeeswaran, S.
Prabhu, K.
Thangaraj, S.
Ganesan, K.
Rani, S. Sophia
Keywords: Seaweeds
Antifouling activity
Natural product
<i style="">Artemia salina</i>
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Present study was to assess the antifouling activity of seaweeds<b style=""><i style=""> </i></b><i style="">Cladophora clavuligera</i><i> </i>and <i>Sargassum wightii</i><b style=""> </b>collected from Tuticorin, Southeast coast of India. Crude methanol and dichloromethane extracts of the seaweeds were tested against five biofilm forming bacterial strains, <i style="">Bacillus</i> sp.1, <i style="">Bacillu</i>s sp.2, <i style="">Micrococcus</i> sp. <i style="">Pseudomonas</i> sp.1 and<i style=""> Pseudomonas</i> sp.2, isolated from fouling test panels. Of these, MeOH extract of <i style="">Sargassum wightii</i> showed the activity against all the bacterial stains with significant activity (6-7 mm inhibition zone at 50µl/6mm disc) against <i style="">Pseudomonas</i> sp.1 and <i style="">Bacillu</i>s sp.2 whereas DCM extract showed the activity(3-4 mm inhibition zone at 50µl/6mm disc) against <i style="">Micrococcus</i> sp., <i style="">Pseudomonas</i> sp.1 and <i style="">Pseudomonas</i> sp.2. The MeOH and DCM extracts of <i style="">Cladophora clavuligera</i> (showed the activity 5 mm inhibition zone at 50µl/6mm disc) against <i style="">Bacillu</i>s sp.2 and 5 mm inhibition zone at 50µl/6mm disc against <i style="">Bacillus</i> sp.1 and <i style="">Pseudomonas</i> sp.2. The seaweeds were tested moderately toxic to <i style="">Artemia salina</i> as proved by brineshrimp lethality assay.<b style=""></b>
Description: 398-402
ISSN: 0975-1033 (Online); 0379-5136 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJMS Vol.40(3) [June 2011]

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