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Title: A new emissive Ru(II)N₅O core
Authors: Drew, Michael G B
Nag, Samik
Datta, Dipankar
Issue Date: May-2007
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: Int. Cl. ⁸ C07F15/00
Abstract: From the reaction of cis-Ru(1,10-phenanthroline)₂Cl₂.2H₂O with 2-picolinic acid in 1:1 molar ratio in degassed methanol-water mixture, [Ru(1,10-phenanthroline)₂(2-picolinate)]PF₆.H₂O (1) has been isolated as a red compound by adding excess of NH₄PF₆. Single crystal X-ray crystallography shows that the metal in 1 has an octahedral N₅O coordination sphere. Complex 1 displays ¹MLCT bands in the 400-500 nm region in acetonitrile. Upon excitation at 435 nm, complex 1 gives rise to a broad emis-sion band at 675 nm in acetonitrile at room temperature with a quantum yield of 0.0022. The energy of the MLCT state in 1 is estimated as 1.99 eV. Since, from cyclic voltammetry, the ground state potential of the Ru(II/III) couple in 1 is found to be 1.01 V vs NHE, the potential of the same couple in the excited state is calcu-lated as -0.98 V vs NHE. The emissive state in 1 seems to be the triplet Ru(II) → 1,10-phenanthroline charge transfer state.
Page(s): 764-767
ISSN: 0376-4710
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.46A(05) [May 2007]

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