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Gas-chromatography and electroantennogram analysis of saturated hydrocarbons of cruciferous host plants and host larval body extracts of Plutella xylostella for behavioural manipulation of Cotesia plutellae Seenivasagan, T; Paul, A V NavarajanIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]375-386
Metformin: An effective attenuator of risperidone-induced insulin resistance hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia in ratsAdeneye, Adejuwon A; Agbaje, Esther O; Olagunju, Joseph AIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]332-338
Telomere instability caused by subtelomeric Y′ amplification and rearrangements in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (ku70 tel1 and ku70 rad50) double mutantsRuiz-Gómez, Miguel JIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]324-331
Alpha-adrenergic receptor blocking effect of Cleistanthus collinus (Roxb.) Benth. and Hook f. leaf extract on guinea pig isolated smooth muscle preparationsKumar, M Ravindra; Ramaswamy, S; Jayanthi, M; Raveendran, RIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]339-342
Protective effect of aqueous extract of Bombax malabaricum DC on experimental models of inflammatory bowel disease in rats and miceJagtap, A G; Niphadkar, P V; Phadke, A SIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]343-351
Anxiolytic effects of Equisetum arvense Linn. extracts in miceSingh, Navdeep; Kaur, Sarabjit; Bedi, P M S; Kaur, DivneetIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]352-356
Effect of 8-alkylberberine homologues on erythrocyte membraneYong, Yang; Xiao-li, Ye; Bao-shun, Zhang; Xue-gang, LiIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]319-323
Progesterone prevents corticosterone mediated inhibition of estrous behaviour in ratsMadhuranath, B N; Yajurvedi, H NIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]313-318
Antimicrobial activity of protease inhibitor from leaves of Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt.Satheesh, L Shilpa; Murugan, KIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]366-374
Absence of kin discrimination in cannibalistic Anuran tadpoles of the frog Hoplobatrachus tigerinus (Daudin)Rajput, Amrapali P; Shanbhag, Bhagyashri A; Saidapur, Srinivas KIJEB Vol.49(05) [May 2011]362-365