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Title: Rare earth Ce<sup>3+</sup>, Dy<sup>3+</sup> activated Li<sub>2</sub>BPO<sub>5</sub> phosphors for lyoluminescence dosimetry
Authors: Puppalwar, S P
Dhoble, S J
Kumar, Animesh
Keywords: Li<sub>2</sub>BPO<sub>5</sub>
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Rare earth Ce and Dy doped polycrystalline Li<sub>2</sub>BPO<sub>5</sub> phosphors were prepared by high temperature solid state reaction. Photoluminescence emission spectra of the phosphor suggest the presence of Ce<sup>3+</sup><sub> </sub>ions in Li<sub>2</sub>BPO<sub>5</sub>:Ce and Dy<sup>3+</sup> ions in Li<sub>2</sub>BPO<sub>5</sub>:Dy lattice sites. The prepared phosphors were characterized by the X-ray powder diffraction and photoluminescence techniques. The PL emission spectrum of Dy<sup>3+</sup> ion under 348 nm excitation was observed at 481 nm (blue) due to<sup> 4</sup>F<sub>9/2</sub>→ <sup>6</sup>H<sub>15/2 </sub>transitions and 576 nm (yellow) emission due to <sup>4</sup>F<sub>9/2 </sub>→ <sup>6</sup>H<sub>13/2 </sub>transitions in prepared borophosphate phosphor. The PL emission spectra of Ce<sup>3+ </sup>ion was observed at 346 nm in ultraviolet region by 235 nm excitation. In this paper, PL and lyoluminescence (LL) characteristics of Li<sub>2</sub>BPO<sub>5</sub>:Ce, Dy borophosphate phosphors have been reported. The LL results show the LL emission of Li<sub>2</sub>BPO<sub>5</sub>:Ce<sup>3+</sup>, Dy<sup>3+ </sup>phosphor in blue-yellow region of the spectrum and linear response curve of LL with gamma rays exposure up to 3.5 kGy. These LL characteristics of Li<sub>2</sub>BPO<sub>5</sub>:Ce<sup>3+</sup>, Dy<sup>3+ </sup>phosphor may be useful for high radiation dose using LL technique.
Description: 239-244
ISSN: 0975-1041 (Online); 0019-5596 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJPAP Vol.49(04) [April 2011]

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