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Development of mathematical model for prediction of abrasive wear behaviour in agricultural grade medium carbon steelSingh, Dushyant; Saha, K P; Mondal, D PIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]125-136
Tool life performances, wear mechanisms and surface roughness characteristics when turning austenised and quenched AISI 52100 bearing steel with ceramics and CBN/TiC cutting toolsMotorcu, Ali RizaIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]137-146
Failure analysis of serial pinned joints in composite materialsAktaş, AlaattinIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]102-110
Mitigation of rutting in bituminous roads by use of waste polymeric packaging materialsJain, P K; Kumar, Shanta; Sengupta, J BIJEMS Vol.18(3) [June 2011]233-238
Compatibility of coarse aggregates with different cements for key characteristics of self-compacting concreteŞahin, Remzi; Akarsu, MeşkureIJEMS Vol.18(3) [June 2011]239-247
Effect of connector density on shear capacity of reinforced masonry wallettesMendoza-Pérez, J C S; Rico-García, E; Flores-Corona, L EIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]157-160
Evaluation of (Bi0.25Sb0.75)2 Te3 charge transport parameters formed by hot press sinteringKavei, GIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]161-167
Preparation and characterization of cordierite powders by water-based sol-gel methodTang, Bin; Fang, YouWei; Zhang, ShuRen; Ning, HaiYan; Jing, ChunYuIJEMS Vol.18(3) [June 2011]221-226
Voltage-mode biquadratic filters with one input and five outputs using two DDCCsChiu, Wei-Yuan; Horng, Jiun-WeiIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]97-101
High input impedance DDCC-based voltage-mode universal biquadratic filter with three inputs and five outputsHorng, Jiun-Wei; Chiu, Wei-YuanIJEMS Vol.18(3) [June 2011]183-190