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Characterization of fiber distribution in steel fiber reinforced cementitious composites with low water-binder ratioLiu, Jiaping; Li, Changfeng; Liu, Jianzhong; Du, Zhaojin; Cui, GongIJEMS Vol.18(6) [December 2011]449-457
Weld residual stress prediction using artificial neural network and Fuzzy logic modelingDhas, J Edwin Raja; Kumanan, SomasundaramIJEMS Vol.18(5) [October 2011]351-360
Investigations on MnxZn1-xFe2O4 (x = 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5) nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel and co-precipitation methods Chand, Mahesh; Kumar, Arvind; Kumar, Sandeep; Shankar, Ajay; Pant, R PIJEMS Vol.18(5) [October 2011]385-389
Design optimization of square and circular aluminium extrusion damage columns with crashworthiness criteriaAllahbakhsh, H R; Saemi, JIJEMS Vol.18(5) [October 2011]341-350
Experimental study on fatigue crack identification of 7075 aluminium alloy plate using combination NEWMS and TRAGao, G L; Shi, D Q; Li, D Y; Dong, J W; Shi, X DIJEMS Vol.18(5) [October 2011]377-380
Nano-size copper oxide encapsulated urea – formaldehyde resin film for arsenic (III) removal from aqueous solutionsRastogi, R P; Singh, N B; Shukla, S KIJEMS Vol.18(5) [October 2011]390-392
Cold compaction of ODS 9Cr martensitic steel powder synthesized by mechanical alloyingKavithaa, T S; Subramanian, R; Angelo, P CIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]119-124
Comparative study of engine performance and exhaust emission characteristics of a single cylinder 4-stroke CI engine operated on the esters of hemp oil and neem oilRagit, S S; Mohapatra, S K; Kundu, KIJEMS Vol.18(3) [June 2011]204-210
Stress analysis of functionally graded discs under mechanical and thermal loadsÇallioğlu, Hasan; Sayer, Metin; Demir, ErsinIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]111-118
Ionic conduction and relaxation processes in melt compounded poly(ethylene oxide)-lithium perchlorate trihydrate-montmorillonite nanocomposite electrolyteChoudhary, Shobhna; Sengwa, R JIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]147-156