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Production run time problem with machine breakdowns under AR control policy and reworkChiu, Singa WangJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]979-988
Dynamic performance improvement of a carpet scrapping machineChaudhary, Himanshu; Saha, Subir KumarJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]1002-1010
Electrochemically deposited polyaniline/polypyrrole polymer film modified electrodes for determination of furazolidone drugTiwari, D C; Jain, Rajeev; Sharma, ShraddhaJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]1011-1018
Analysis of heat pipe solar collector using artificial neural networkSivaraman, B; Mohan, N KrishnaJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]995-1001
Performance evaluation of direct injection diesel engine with blends of Thevetia peruviana seed oil and dieselBalusamy, T; Marappan, RJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]1035-1040
Studies on sorption and elution behaviour of dyes using titanium phosphonateMaheria, Kalpana; Chudasama, UmaJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]1047-1053
Biostabilization and preparation of protein hydrolysates from delimed leather fleshingsBhaskar, N; Sakhare, P Z; Suresh, P V; Gowda, Lalitha R; Mahendrakar, N SJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]1054-1063
Case-based evolutionary design approach for satellite module layoutJin, Bo; Teng, Hong-FeiJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]989-994
Synthesis and properties of fatty acid esters of celluloseWei, Yuping; Cheng, Fa; Hou, GuiliJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]1019-1024
A new computational method for microwave drying of potato slabsDaghbandan, A; Najar, R; Haghi, A KJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]1041-1046