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Simulation and evaluation of a straight-bladed Darrieus-type cross flow marine turbineLain, S; Osorio, CJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]906-912
Solving an economic production lot size problem with multi-delivery policy and quality assurance using an algebraic approachChiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter; Chen, Kuang-Ku; Chang, Huei-HsinJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]926-929
Potential of thermophilic bacteria as microbial inoculant for commercial scale white button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) compost productionAhlawat, O P; Vijay, BJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]948-955
Model-based iterative feedback tuning for industrial PID controllersMilosawlewitsch-Aliaga, M; Osornio-Rios, R A; Romero-Troncoso, R JJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]930-936
Formulation and quality assessment of instant dhokla mix with incorporation of pumpkin flourRavi, Usha; Menon, Lakshmi; Anupama, MJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]956-960
Extending tool-life through jerk-limited motion dynamics in machining processes: An experimental studyRivera-Guillen, J R; Romero-Troncoso, R J; Osornio-Rios, A; Garcia-Perez, A; Torres-Pacheco, IJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]919-925
Numerical simulation of aluminum bar casting for wire rod productionMohapatra, S P; Sahoo, S K; Nanda, S; Hembram, P; Palchaudhary, A; Patnaik, S CJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]913-918
A novel software architecture for smart metering systemsVukmirovic, Srđan; Erdeljan, Aleksandar; Lendak, Imre; Čapko, DarkoJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]937-941
Ayurvedic Bhasma: the most ancient application of nanomedicineSarkar, Prasanta Kumar; Chaudhary, Anand KumarJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]901-905
A new approach for jute industry to produce fancy blended yarn for upholsterySengupta, Surajit; Debnath, SanjoyJSIR Vol.69(12) [December 2010]961-965