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Title: Photocatalytic degradation of tatrazine dye using TiO₂ catalyst:
Authors: Rupa, A Valentine
Manikandan, D
Divakar, D
Revathi, S
Preethi, M Esther Leena
Shanthi, K
Sivakumar, T
Keywords: Photocatalysis;Tatrazine;Titanium dioxide;Salt effect
Issue Date: Jan-2007
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: B01J21/00, C09B27/00, D06P
Abstract: The effluents from the textile industry are the major water pollutants for several decades. Photocatalytic degradation of dyes is one of the important methods for removing the pollution of water. In the present study, the degradation of a pollutant namely tatrazine (azo dye) using TiO₂ as photocatalyst has been discussed. The experiments carried out by using UV or visible lamps with different wattages and in presence of sunlight have been compared. Comparison of photocatalytic activity has also been made with different grades of TiO₂. Catalyst weight has been optimized for the complete degradation of tatrazine. In addition, the effects of pH and addition of different salts on the photocatalytic activity of TiO₂ have been carried out. Kinetics for the degradation of tatrazine has also been discussed.
Page(s): 71-78
ISSN: 0971–457X
Appears in Collections:IJCT Vol.14(1) [January 2007]

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