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Title: Mixed ligand complexes of Co(II) containing 5-bromosalicylaldehyde and β-diketones, hydroxyaryl aldehydes or ketones
Authors: Prasad, R N
Sharma, Kirti Mohan
Agrawal, Anjali
Issue Date: Apr-2007
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: Int. Cl. ⁸ C07F15/06
Abstract: Mixed ligand complexes of the type [Co(5-Brsal)(L)(H₂O)₂] (where HL = salicylaldehyde, 2-hydroxyacetophenone, 2-hydroxypropiophenone, 2-hydroxybenzophenone, 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde, pentane-2,4-dione, 1-phenylbutane-1,3-dione or 1,3-diphenylpropane-1,3-dione) have been synthesized by the reactions of cobalt(II) nitrate with two different carbonyl compounds in 1:1:1 molar ratios. The resulting complexes have been characterized by elemental analyses, conductances, magnetic moments, IR, electronic, ESR and FAB mass spectra.
Page(s): 600-604
ISSN: 0376-4710
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.46A(04) [April 2007]

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