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Multifunctional Carbon Materials for 21st Century

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Phosphorylated tamarind nut carbon for the removal of cadmium ions from aqueous solutionsSuganthi, N; Srinivasan, KIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]382-388
Uptake of toxic metals from wastewater by activated carbon from agro industrial by-productHema, M; Srinivasan, KIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]373-381
Dynamic adsorption of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solution using activated carbon bedsGoyal, Meenakshi; Bhagat, MamtaIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]367-372
Investigation on magnetic carbon nanofoam compositesPant, R P; Arora, Manju; Lal, Chhotey; Annveer; Singh, Sukhvir; Mathur, R BIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]363-366
Temperature effect on the performance of phthalocyanine based photovoltaic devicesKumar, Hemant; Kumar, Pankaj; Chaudhary, Neeraj; Bhardwaj, Ramil; Sharma, G D; Venkatesu, P; Chand, SureshIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]358-362
Effect of incorporating nano silicon carbide on the properties of green coke based monolithic carbonKumar, Anil; Kaur, Mandeep; Kumar, Rajeev; Sengupta, Pinaki Ranjan; Raman, Vasantha; Bhatia, GopalIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]353-357
Development of pyrolytic carbon coated zirconia pebbles in a high temperature spouted bedSathiyamoorthy, D; Rao, V Govardhana; Rao, P T; Mollick, P KIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]349-352
Pyrolytic carbon derived from sorona as anode materials for Li ion batteriesChristy, Maria; Jisha, M R; Kim, Ae Rhan; Nahm, Kee Suk; Yoo, Dong Jin; Suh, E KIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]343-348
Development of carbon foam from phenolic resin via template routeManocha, Satish M; Patel, Kalpesh; Manocha, L MIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]338-342
Mechanical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes reinforced polymer nanocompositesRamana, G Venkata; Padya, Balaji; Kumar, R Naresh; Prabhakar, K V P; Jain, P KIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]331-337
Pt-Ru Bimetallic nanoparticles loading on activated carbon fibers without using reducing agentsLee, Jaeyoung; Pyo, Daewoong; Lee, Youngseak; Yang, Xiaoping; Ryu, SeungkonIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]327-330
Carbon based materials – applications in high temperature nuclear reactorsSinha, R K; Dulera, I VIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]321-326
Carbon nanotubes: State-of-the-art technology and safety for successEndo, MorinobuIJEMS Vol.17(5) [October 2010]317-320
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13