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Thermal degradation and burning behaviour of cellulose based and cellulose-silk blended upholstery fabricsMuralidhara, K S; Sreenivasan, SJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]879-885
Estimation of effective thermal conductivity of two-phase materials using line heat source methodKumar, A P Senthil; Raja, V Prabhu; Karthikeyan, PJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]872-878
Performance of CFC free propellant- driven MDI of fluticasone propionateMurthy, T E G K; Priya, M Bala Vishnu; Satyanarayana, VJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]866-871
Study on enzyme-assisted aqueous extraction of oil from soybeanQian, Jun-Qing; Qin, De-Huai; Xie, Xiang-Mao; Zhou, Wen-WuJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]860-865
β-Galactosidase production and ethanol fermentation from whey using Kluyveromyces marxianus NCIM 3551Gupte, A M; Nair, J SJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]855-859
Prebiotic potential of ‘juice grape’ varieties and some hybridsAgte, Vaishali; Khetmalis, Neelima; Nilegaonkar, Smita; Karkamkar, Surekha; Yadav, SupriyaJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]850-854
Thermal ageing studies of bromo-butyl rubber used in NBC personal protective equipmentKannan, G K; Gaikewad, L V; Nirmala, L; Kumar, N SJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]841-849
Decontamination of 2 chloro ethyl phenyl sulphide using mixed metal oxide nanocrystalsPrasad, G KJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]835-840
Electroless Ni-P-Cg(graphite)-SiC composite coating and its application onto piston rings of a small two stroke utility engineBahaaideen, Farhad B; Ripin, Zaidi Mohd; Ahmad, Zainal ArifinJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]830-834
A novel miniaturized loaded line phase shifterManoharan, V K; Sindhuja, S; Prasath, S Deepak Ram; Raju, S; Abhaikumar, VJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]823-829
Agro-ecological zoning of brown planthopper [Nilaparvata lugens(Stal)] incidence on rice (Oryza sativa L.)Yadav, D S; Chander, Subhash; Selvaraj, KJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]818-822
Track control in automated welding of saddle curveLü, Yan; Tian, Xincheng; Liang, JunJSIR Vol.69(11) [November 2010]811-817
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12