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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2010Cryopreservation of excised embryonic axes of <i>Nothapodytes nimmoniana</i> (Graham) Mebberly—A vulnerable medicinal tree species of the Western GhatsRadha, R K; Decruse, S William; Krishnan, P N
Oct-2010Sequence analysis and homology based modeling to assess structure-function relationship of Pediocin CP2 of <i style="">Pediococcus acidilactici</i> MTCC 5101Balgir, Praveen Pal; Bhatia, Puja; Kaur, Baljinder
Oct-2010Effects of inoculation on production of anticancer drug-cordycepin in surface liquid culture using <i>Cordyceps militaris</i> mutant: A minor factor may greatly affect the resultDas, Shonkor Kumar; Masuda, Mina; Hatashita, Masanori; Sakurai, Akihiko; Sakakibara, Mikio
Oct-2010Standardization of DNA isolation and PCR parameters in <i style="">Garcinia </i>spp. for RAPD analysisAsish, G R; Parthasarathy, Utpala; Nithya, N G
Oct-2010Direct shoot organogenesis and plant regeneration in rough lemon (<i style="">Citrus jambhiri</i> Lush.)Saini, H K; Gill, M S; Gill, M I S
Oct-2010High frequency somatic embryogenesis in <i style="">Ceropegia spiralis</i> Wight—An endemic and endangered medicinal plantSri Rama Murthy, K; Kondamudi, R; Pullaiah, T
Oct-2010Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from callus cultures of <i style="">Curculigo orchioides</i> Gaertn.Nagesh, K S; Shanthamma, C; Pullaiah, T
Oct-2010Efficient shoot regeneration from double cotyledonary node explants of green gram [<i style="">Vigna radiata </i>(L.) Wilczek]Yadav, S K; Sreenu, P; Maheswari, M; Vanaja, M; Venkateswarlu, B
Oct-2010Bioprospecting potential of fast growing endophytic bacteria from leaves of mangrove and salt-marsh plant speciesGayathri, S; Saravanan, D; Radhakrishnan, M; Balagurunathan, R; Kathiresan, K
Oct-2010Studies on bioemulsifier production by <i style="">Actinopolyspora</i> sp. A18 isolated from garden soilDoshi, Dhawal V; Maniyar, Javed P; Bhuyan, Smita S; Mujumdar, Shilpa S
Oct-2010Production and characterization of feather degrading keratinase from <i style="">Bacillus </i>sp. JB 99Kainoor, Pushpalata S; Naik, G R
Oct-2010Molecular characterization of diversity and relationship among almond [<i style="">Prunus dulcis</i> Miller (D.A.Webb)] cultivars and indigenous selectionsSharma, G; Sharma, Nirmal
Oct-2010Biochemical and RAPD molecular markers for establishing distinctiveness of basmati rice (<i style="">Oryza sativa</i> L.) varieties as additional descriptors for plant variety protectionPatra, Nandita; Chawla, H S
Oct-2010Studies on DNA fingerprinting in Murrah buffaloes using microsatellite markersBhuyan, D K; Sangwan, M L; Gole, V C; Sethi, R K
Oct-2010SCAR markers for identification of host plant specificity in whitefly, <i style="">Bemisia tabaci</i> (Genn.)Gupta, V K; Sharma, Rakesh; Jindal, Vikas; Dilawari, V K
Oct-2010Bioinformatics approach for screening and modeling of putative T cell epitopes from Por B protein of <i>Neisseria meningitides</i> as vaccine constructsShah, Kavita; Chaubey, Priyanka; Mishra, Namrata
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16