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Studies on effects of gamma irradiation on 'Pusa Narangi Gainda' (African Marigold cultivar)Singh, Vivekananda; Saxena, Mandeep; Banerji, B K; Dwivedi, A K; Verma, A KBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]55-61
Level of knowledge and existing knowledge gap towards rice production technology among the rice grower farmers of ChhattisgarhPandey, P KBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]62-65
Xenorhabdus : A potential nano-pharmaceutical perspectiveGanguly, Sudershan; Kumar, Sushil; Rani, Priya; Sanyal, DebashreeBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]66-69
Effect of biofertilizers on plant growth and yield of Mustard cv. KrantiKhan, Irfan (Irfan Human); Masood, Anwar; Ahmad, AquilBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]86-88
Studies on commercial importance of Jojoba oilSandha, Gurpreet KaurBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]52-54
Studies on microwave synthesized polyol linseed oilSharmin, Eram; Akram, Deewan; Vashishth, Arti; Shah, Md Yaseen; Zafar, Fahmina; Ahmad, SharifBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]43-45
Effect of Azolla and Goamrita on growth and composition of Sarpagandha [Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. Ex. Kurz]Agnihotri, Nikhil; Mohan, NarendraBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]34-37
Commerical production of Spirulina in context of Indian economyMahajan, S KBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]103-104
An economic analysis of potato marketing and marketing efficiency in Ghazipur district of Uttar PradeshSingh, Manish Kumar; Vikram, AjitBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]93-97
Studies of dielectric relaxation and AC conductivity in [(100-x) PEOxNH4SCN]: Al-Zn ferrite nano composite polymer electrolyteAgrawal, S L; Singh, Markandey; Dwivedi, M M; Pandey, KamleshBVAAP Vol.18(1) [June 2010]76-80