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Title: Poly-<img src='/image/spc_char/beta.gif' border=0>-hydroxybutyrate production by <i style="">Pseudomonas </i>sp. RZS 1 under aerobic and semi-aerobic condition
Authors: Sayyed, R Z
Gangurde, N S
Keywords: Poly-<img src='/image/spc_char/beta.gif' border=0>-hydroxybutyrate fermentation
<i style="">Pseudomonas</i> sp.
rRNA (16s) typing
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: <i style="">Pseudomonas</i> sp. RZS1 was isolated from distillery effluent and identified based on phenotypic characters and 16s rRNA sequencing. It accumulated optimum amount (703.79 <img src='/image/spc_char/micro.gif' border=0>g/mg of biomass) of poly-<img src='/image/spc_char/beta.gif' border=0>-hydroxybutyrate<b style=""> </b>(PHB)<b style=""> </b>under aerobic process of fermentation and 75 <img src='/image/spc_char/micro.gif' border=0>g/mg of biomass under the anaerobic process of fermentation. Aerobic fermentation yielded 9.3-fold more PHB than semi-aerobic fermentation. Acetone alcohol method proved to be the best suitable recovery method as it gave 703.79 <img src='/image/spc_char/micro.gif' border=0>g PHB per mg of biomass with a percentage recovery yield of 70.37. It started to accumulate PHB at the end of lag phase (from 6 h of incubation). Optimum amount of PHB (20 <img src='/image/spc_char/micro.gif' border=0>g/ml) was reported during early stationary phase (30 h of incubation). Extracted PHB showed two peaks, minor one at 248 nm and major one at 365 nm. IR spectra revealed the presence of functional groups characteristics of PHB.
Description: 942-947
ISSN: 0975-1009 (Online); 0019-5189 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJEB Vol.48(09) [September 2010]

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