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Properties of adhesive joint of inorganic nano-filler composite adhesiveGhosh, P K; Nukala, S KIJEMS Vol.15(1) [February 2008]68-74
Effects of truck load position on longitudinal joint deteriorationAkpinar, Muhammet VefaIJEMS Vol.15(1) [February 2008]36-40
Effect of elevated temperatures and time on compressive and tensile properties of concretesYazıcı, Şemsi; Sezer, Gözde İnanIJEMS Vol.15(1) [February 2008]23-28
Synthesis and characterization of Mn doped PZT ceramicsYadav, K L; Sharma, PallaviIJEMS Vol.15(1) [February 2008]61-67
Effect of micro and macro pits of journal surface on radial pressure distribution of journal bearingSinanoğlu, Cem; Nair, Fehmi; Gökşen, ErcanIJEMS Vol.15(4) [August 2008]300-310
An investigation of ion transport properties in silver phosphate glassy systems doped with Fe, Mn and Zn chloridesDas, S S; Singh, N P; Srivastava, Vibha; Srivastava, P KIJEMS Vol.15(3) [June 2008]256-264
Computations of flow field over Apollo and OREX reentry modules at high speedMehta, R CIJEMS Vol.15(6) [December 2008]459-466
Low frequency dielectric dispersion studies in ferroelectric ceramics of Pb₀․₇₇K₀․₂₆Li₀․₂Ti₀․₂₅Nb₁․₈O₆Rao, K Sambasiva; Krishna, P Murali; Prasad, D Madhava; Latha, T Swana; Satyanarayana, CIJEMS Vol.15(2) [April 2008]215-223
Dielectric relaxation and ac conductivity study in SrMg₁/₃Nb₂/₃O₃Dutta, Alo; Bharti, Chandrahas; Sinha, T PIJEMS Vol.15(2) [April 2008]181-186
A novel quick response charge pump phase locked loopDe, B; Sarkar, B CIJEMS Vol.15(6) [December 2008]473-482