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Title:  Dendrimers: New Hope For Cancer
Authors: Ghosh, Subha Sankar
Issue Date: Aug-2010
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: When the full potential of dendrimers is determined, the agonies of cancer patients could be alleviated to a large extent. A class of nanomaterials called dendrimers have been found particularly useful in cancer treatment. Dendrimers have often been refered to as the “Polymers of the 21st century”. The name ‘Dendrimer’ comes from the Greek dendron, meaning, "tree". They are nearly perfect monodisperse (a consistent size and form) macromolecules with a regular and highly branched three-dimensional architecture having an average size of around 5×10-9m, which can be artificially synthesized.
Page(s): 43-45
Appears in Collections:SR Vol.47(08) [August 2010]

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