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Nitrogen Stress Induces Magnaporthe grisea (Hebert) Barr to Secrete Protoplast-Disrupting ProteinsRathour, R; Singh, B M; Plaha, PIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]558-563
Recent Advances in VaccinologyRao, Y Udaya BhaskaraIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]494-498
Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance in Nosocomial Strains of Coagulase Negative Staphylococci (CNS)Geetha, M S; Ashok, C; Sullia, S BIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]499-503
Evaluation of Yeast as an Expression SystemNasser, M W; Pooja, V; Abdin, MZ; Jain, S KIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]477-493
Development of Long-term Cell Suspension Cultures of Wild Tomato Species, Lycopersicon chilense Dun. as Regular Source of Protoplast: An Efficient Protoplast-to-Plant SystemPatil, R S; Davey, M R; Power, J B; Cocking, E CIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]504-511
Expression of Capsid Precursor Polypeptide (PI) of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Vaccine Strains in Pichia pastorisRenji, R; Balamurugan, V; Saha, S N; Reddy, G R; Suryanarayana, V V SIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]533-538
Induced Immunity against Haemolymph Proteins of Anopheles stephensi: Effects on Fecundity and Transmission Blocking of Malaria ParasiteGulia, Monika; Gakhar, S KIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]543-548
Design and Optimization of Novel Immuno-dipstick Test for Detection of Teliospores of Kamal Bunt (Tilletia indica) of WheatKesari, Ravi; Kumar, AnilIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]603-606
Comparison of Insecticide Resistant and Susceptible Populations of Spodoptera litura Fab.Janarthanan, S; Seshadri, S; Kathiravan, K; Ignacimuthu, SIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]539-542
Optimization of Medium and Cultural Conditions for Neomycin Production using Response Surface MethodologyAdinarayana, K; Ellaiah, P; Srinivasulu, B; Lakshmi Narayana, J; Raju, K V V S N BapiIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]564-570