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dc.contributor.authorWilsanand V-
dc.contributor.authorVarghese, Preema-
dc.contributor.authorRajitha P-
dc.description.abstractStudies on the therapeutic use of animals, especially insects and insect products, have been neglected when compared to plants. An attempt has been made to study the utilization of insects and insect products as traditional medicine among the tribes spread over two districts of Kerala in South India. Detailed information was collected regarding traditional therapeutic use of six different insect species and their products for the treatment of over 15 kinds of diseases or ailments. The preparation and usage of the insects and insect products for various ailments like ulcer, rheumatics, anaemia, scabies, conjunctivitis, malaria, asthma, cough, throat infection, chest infection, chest pain, back pain and for other minor ailments like headache, cold, burns, body pain, bee bites, wasp bites, insect bites, etc. are presented. Further studies on validation of these therapies using modern scientific techniques with the cooperation of tribal communities would probably go a long way leading to the discovery of more novel drugs from bugs.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesInt. Cl.⁸: A61K36/00, A61P7/06, A61P11/00, A61P11/04, A61P17/00, A61P17/14, A61P19/00, A61P27/00, A61P29/00, A61P39/02en_US
dc.sourceIJTK Vol.6(4) [October 2007]en_US
dc.subjectInsect therapyen_US
dc.subjectTraditional medicineen_US
dc.subjectSouth Indiaen_US
dc.titleTherapeutics of insects and insect products in South Indian traditional medicineen_US
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