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Syntheses of 4-arylazo-5-[acetamido/N-(β-cyanoethylamino )]-acenaphthenes and their dyeing performance on polyester and polyamide fibresRangnekar, D W; Lokhande, S BIJFTR Vol.18(4) [December 1993]207-210
Improved dyeability of acrylic fibre with cationic and disperse dyesMukherjee, A K; Bhattacharya, S D; Varadarajan, RIJFTR Vol.23(4) [December 1998]261-266
Synthesis and dyeing characteristics of 2-arylazo-3-dicyanomethyleneindan-1-oneRangnekar, D W; Kamat, P YIJFTR Vol.18(1) [March 1993]54-56
Syntheses and dyeing performance of 1-arylazo- 3-(4-substituted benzamido)naphth-2-ols and 1-arylazonaphth-2-ol-3,6-disulphonamidesRangnekar, D W; Mehta, J BIJFTR Vol.18(3) [September 1993]145-150
Syntheses of 3-aryl-5-[6-(α-picolyl)]rhodanines and 3-aryl-5-(2-pyridylmethylene)rhodanines and their dyeing performance on acetate and/or other fibresFadda, A A; Ali, M M; El-Ahl, A S; Fouda, AIJFTR Vol.18(3) [September 1993]151-155
Dyeing of acrylic fibres with monoazo disperse dyes in presence of benzyl alcohol: Part IKaushik, R C D; Deshpande, S D; Chavan, R BIJFTR Vol.14(3) [September 1989]125-129
Dyeing of polyacrylonitrile fibres with monoazo disperse dyes-adsorption studiesChavan, R B; Kaushik, R C D; Deshpande, S DIJFTR Vol.14(3) [September 1989]119-124
Water-free dyeing of textile accessories using supercritical carbon dioxideKnittel, Dierk; Saus, Wolfgang; Schollmeyer, EckhardIJFTR Vol.22(3) [September 1997]184-189
Syntheses of 3-aryl-5-(2-quinolyl)rhodanines, 2-arylimino- 3-(m-methoxyphenyl)-5-(2-quinolyl)rhodanines and 1-aryl-2-methyl-4-(2-quinolylidene)imidazol-5-ones and their dyeing performance on acetate and/or other fibresFadda, A A; Etman, H A; Ali, M M; Fouda, AIJFTR Vol.20(1) [March 1995]34-42
Towards right-first-time dyeing of polyester using disperse dyes: Influence of some assignable variablesNanda, B; Shukla, R RIJFTR Vol.24(1) [March 1999]70-73