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Pigment extraction from fungus for textile dyeingSharma, Deepshikha; Gupta, Charu; Aggarwal, Sunita; Nagpal, NitikaIJFTR Vol.37(1) [March 2012]68-73
Dyeing parameters of hydroxynaphthoquinones extracted from Arnebia nobilis Rech.fArora, Anjali; Rastogi, Deepali; Gupta, Deepti; Gulrajani, M LIJFTR Vol.37(1) [March 2012]91-97
Spinnability of cotton/milkweed blends on ring, compact and rotor spinning systemsKarthik, T; Murugan, RIJFTR Vol.41(1) [March 2016]26-32
Extraction and dyeing conditions of natural dye from flowers of Plumeria rubra L. on textiles and fastness propertiesSwamy, V Narayana; Gowda, K N Ninge; Sudhakar, RIJTK Vol.15(2) [April 2016]278-284
Dyeing properties of natural dye extracted from Rhizoma coptidis on acrylic fibresKe, GuizhenIJFTR Vol.39(1) [March 2014]102-106
Dyeing of jute fabric with tesu extract: Part 1 — Effects of different mordants and dyeing process variablesSamanta, Ashis Kumar; Konar, Adwaita; Chakraborti, Sarmistha; Datta, SiddharthaIJFTR Vol.36(1) [March 2011]63-73
Improvement in dyeability of wool fabric by microwave treatmentXue, Zhao; Jin-xin, HeIJFTR Vol.36(1) [March 2011]58-62
Studies on microbial activity and dyeing performance of novel acid azo dyes based on 3-(4-aminophenyl)-2-phenylquinazolin-4(3h)-oneParekh, Nikhil; Maheria, Kalpana; Patel, PratikJSIR Vol.70(07) [July 2011]525-532
Application of eco-friendly natural dye on cotton using combination of mordantsKumaresan, M; Palanisamy, P N; Kumar, P EIJFTR Vol.37(2) [June 2012]194-198
Minimization of dyestuff pollutions using native, alkali-treated or bleached cellulose of rice straw as adsorbentEl-Thalouth, I Abd; El-Hennawi, H M; El-Salam, S S Abd; Adel, EIJFTR Vol.38(2) [June 2013]144-149