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Study of radon exhalation rate and natural radioactivity in soil samples collected from East Singhbhum Shear Zone in Jaduguda U-Mines Area, Jharkhand, India and its radiological implications Mahur, A K; Kumar, Rajesh; Mishra, M; Ali, S A; Sonkawade, R G; Singh, B P; Bhardwaj, V N; Prasad, RajendraIJPAP Vol.48(07) [July 2010]486-492
Synthesis of conducting polymers and their characterizationMonika; Kumar, Rajesh; Chauhan, R P; Kumar, R; Chakarvarti, S KIJPAP Vol.48(07) [July 2010]524-526
Study of radium and radon exhalation rate in some solid samples using solid state nuclear track detectorsSingh, B P; Pandit, B; Bhardwaj, V N; Singh, Paramjit; Kumar, RajeshIJPAP Vol.48(07) [July 2010]493-495
Swift heavy ion induced modification in makrofol-KG polycarbonateKumar, Rajesh; Singh, Paramjit; Ali, S Asad; Sharma, Anil; Khan, S A; Sonkawade, R G; Prasad, RajendraIJPAP Vol.48(03) [March 2010]166-171
Modification of optical, chemical and structural response of polymethyl methacrylate polymer by 70 MeV carbon ion irradiationSingh, Paramjit; Kumar, Rajesh; Virk, H S; Prasad, RajendraIJPAP Vol.48(05) [May 2010]321-325
Nano scale free volume study of high energy (MeV) ion beam irradiated polyamide nylon-6 polymerKumar, RajeshIJPAP Vol.48(04) [April 2010]233-239
Development and assessment of green synthesis of hydrazidesSaha, Ajoy; Kumar, Rajesh; Kumar, Rajendra; Devakumar, CIJC-B Vol.49B(04) [April 2010]526-531
Synthesis, spectral studies and biological activity of novel 1H-1,4-diazepine derivativesKumar, Rajesh; Joshi, Yogesh CIJC-B Vol.49B(01) [January 2010]84-88
70 MeV Carbon C5+ ion beam induced modifications in polyethylene terphthalate polymerKumar, Rajesh; Singh, Paramjit; Virk, H S; Prasad, RajendraIJPAP Vol.48(01) [January 2010]16-19