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Adsorption of VOC on steam activated carbon derived from coconut shell charcoalAnuradha, S; Raj, K Joseph Antony; Elangovan, T; Viswanathan, BIJCT Vol.21(5-6) [September-November 2014]345-349
Partial oxidation of 2-propanol on perovskitesVaradarajan, T K; Sumathi, R; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.40A(10) [October 2001]1033-1036
Catalytic properties of BaPb1-xBixO3 perovskite oxide for partial oxidation of benzyl alcoholSumathi, R; Johnson, K; Viswanathan, B; Varadarajan, T KIJC-A Vol.38A(01) [January 1999]40-48
On the structural, morphological and gas sensing properties of nanocrystalline SnO2Muthuvinayagam, A; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.54A(09) [September 2015]1092-1097
Titania based catalysts for photoreduction of carbon dioxide: Role of modifiersJeyalakshmi, V; Mahalakshmy, R; Krishnamurthy, K R; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.51A(09-10) [September-October 2012]1263-1283
Nanocrystalline lead ruthenium pyrochlore as oxygen reduction electrodeRaghuveer, Y; kumar, Keshav; Viswanathan, BIJEMS Vol.09(2) [April 2002]137-140
Oxygen reduction by FeN4 - A DFT studyRao, Ch Venkateswara; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.43A(11) [November 2004]2333-2335
Our Science and Technology journals -can we not improve them?Viswanathan, B; Krishnan, C NALIS Vol.35(1) [March 1988]20-25
Dehydration of oxime on the self-architected MFI structureHariharan, S; Palanichamy, M; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.53A(03) [March 2014]257-264
Polymer based oxidation catalyst for direct methanol fuel cellRajesh, B; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]826-829