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Process-structure-property relationship of polyester-cotton MVS yarns : Part II - Influence of process variables on yarn characteristicsTyagi, G K; Sharma, Dhirendra; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.29(4) [December 2004]429-435
Quality aspects of two-for-one and ring-twisted OE rotor-spun plied yarnsTyagi, G KIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]293-297
Mechanical characteristics of jet-spun acrylic-cotton yarnsTyagi, G K; Kaushik, R C D; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.25(1) [March 2000]25-30
Low-stress characteristics of polyester-cotton MVS yarn fabricsTyagi, G K; Sharma, DhirendraIJFTR Vol.30(1) [March 2005]49-54
Variation in polyester-viscose and polyester-cotton ring and rotor yarn characteristics as a consequence of fibre cross-sectionTyagi, G K; Sharma, K R; Goyal, A; Singh, MandeepIJFTR Vol.29(2) [June 2004]184-189
Hairiness of viscose OE rotor-spun yarns in relation to test speed and process parametersTyagi, G KIJFTR Vol.29(1) [March 2004]35-38
Effect of add-on finish and process variables on recovery properties of jet-spun polyester yarnsTyagi, G K; Singh, Amarjot; Goyal, AIJFTR Vol.29(1) [March 2004]44-48
Frictional and mechanical properties of mercerized ring- and rotor-spun yarnsTyagi, G K; Goyal, Ashvani; Dhanda, KIJFTR Vol.29(3) [September 2004]357-361
Effect of fibre profile, spin finish and opening roller speed on properties of polyester OE rotor-spun yarnsTyagi, G KIJFTR Vol.28(4) [December 2003]411-417
Influence of some process parameters on the properties of viscose fibre rotor-spun yarnsTyagi, G K; Kaushik, R C D; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.26(3) [September 2001]255-260