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Effect of general distribution function on electrostatic ion cyclotron instabilityMishra, Ruchi; Tiwari, M SIJPAP Vol.42(02) [February 2004]104-111
Synthesis and evaluation of some organic vapour phase corrosion inhibitorsQuraishi, M A; Jamal, DIJCT Vol.11(4) [July 2004]459-464
Molecular interactions in binary mixtures of bromobenzene with normal alkanols (C1-C4): An ultrasonic studyNikam, P S; Kapade, V M; Hasan, MehdiIJPAP Vol.38(03) [March 2000]170-173
Protective effect of Pongamia pinnata flowers against cisplatin and gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity in ratsShirwaikar, Annie; Malini, S; Kumari, S ChandrikaIJEB Vol.41(01) [January 2003]58-62
Role of male scent glands in improving poison bait acceptance in female rats, Rat-tus norvegicusSelvaraj, R; Archunan, GIJEB Vol.40(01) [January 2002]53-57
Two new terpenoid derivatives from a new soft coral species of the Nephthea genus of the Indian OceanAnjaneyulu, A S R; Murthy, M V R KrishnaIJC-B Vol.39B(01) [January 2000]42-56
Effect of inter-fibre friction on yarn qualityKumar, Ajay; Nishkam, Anita; lshtiaque, S MIJFTR Vol.30(2) [June 2005]148-152
Copper phthalocyanine films for photovoltaic applicationsGupta, Himani; Mahajan, Arnan; Bedi, R KIJPAP Vol.46(06) [June 2008]435-438
Analytical design method for cam shedding motions in weavingEren, R; Alpay, H RIJFTR Vol.30(2) [June 2005]125-135
Structure-reactivity correlation of anilines in acid mediumKarunakaran, C; Kandasamy, S; Palanisamy, P NIJC-B Vol.41B(12) December 2002]2630-2634